IN3 Curriculum

CAREER OF IN3 Curriculum

IN3 Curriculum


Yachay Tech’s mission is to transform scientific research and technological development in the region by providing a new generation of scientists and engineers with the skills necessary to be leaders capable of strengthening and transforming the economy for the benefit of Ecuadorian society.

Yachay Tech’s IN3 (I-N-cubed) curriculum is designed to train future leaders of technological and social innovation in highly the competitive, international environment of modern science, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

  • IN3 is Innovative:  it is based on curricular innovations, it incorporates innovations in teaching methodologies, and it encourages students to create scientific and technological innovations.
  • IN3 is Interdisciplinary:  it is incorporated into all Yachay Tech career programs, it requires interdisciplinary thinking, and it develops cross-disciplinary team-building and communication skills.
  • IN3 is International:  the Yachay Tech faculty who teach the IN3 curriculum are international PhD-level experts in science, engineering, and social science; many of the IN3 courses and projects involve visiting faculty and/or certifications from around the world; and IN3 students are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs.

The IN3 curriculum integrates seamlessly with the career programs in each of Yachay Tech’s six academic schools (Geological Science and Engineering, School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Mathematic Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Chemical Sciences and Engineering, and Social Sciences and Innovation) to provide hands-on, interdisciplinary experiences that allow students to analyze real world problems and create innovative solutions – solutions that connect cutting edge science and technologies with the needs of society and the demands of the productive sector.

Successful completion of the IN3 curriculum, in coordination with work in their major field of study, signifies that students have achieved advanced competences in innovation, interdisciplinarity, and internationalization and ensures that all Yachay Tech students graduate with the ability to undertake a variety of activities that are essential to creating and leading positive scientific and technological change:

  • Analyzing and solving complex scientific and technological problems.
  • Developing comprehensive solutions based on a broad knowledge of a variety of engineering and science disciplines, and connecting theory to practice through real world applications.
  • Creating innovative solutions that promote increased quality of life, justice, and equity.
  • Implementing processes that link technologies with the needs of society and the demands of the productive sector.
  • Developing business models that promote economic and occupational development.
  • Coordinating and managing scientific and technological activities that result in the design of new products, processes, services, and business models.
  • Transferring and applying technology within both Ecuadorian and international cultural and social contexts.

IN3 Curricular Structure

As an integral part of the student’s career program (and a titulation requirement for all Yachay Tech students) the IN3 curriculum forms a thematic thread that weaves hands-on, real world experiences and state-of-the-art social and management theory through the student’s entire university experience.  

Beginning in the 1st semester of study, with a course in the History and Philosophy of Science and Innovation, and continuing with discipline-based competencies in Ethical Behavior, Science Communication and more, Yachay Tech students are offered a progressive set of learning experiences and skills-building projects that culminates in each student’s disciplinary capstone experience in semesters 9 and 10.   

All IN3 courses are open to students in any career field at Yachay Tech.  These courses are signature courses at Yachay Tech, hence may not be taken in a “study abroad” program.  Students in the core curriculum who have already completed their English proficiency requirements may take IN3 courses as “English-language electives.”  The courses have no specific prerequisites, but it is suggested that they be taken in the order listed below.

The academic, research, and community service projects that are part of the IN3 curriculum are designed by Yachay Tech faculty members in coordination with each school and will be undertaken within the Yachay urban and rural marginal sectors.  Faculty members from partner universities around the world may be invited to teach the IN3 curriculum.

Required Courses

Year 1

  • History and Philosophy of Science and Innovation (part of YT’s core curriculum)

Year 2

  • Introduction to Engineering (part of YT’s core curriculum)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship  (part of YT’s core curriculum)

During this course students will develop a project of 40 hours (part of the required 160 hours of community service.

Year 3

  • Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility

During the discipline-specific courses that carry this IN3 certification, students will develop a project of 40 hours (part of the required 160 hours of community service).

  • Science Communication

Year 4

  • Globalization Immersion Experience and Entrepreneurship Laboratory (SETsquared Certificate)

During the discipline-specific courses that carry this IN3 certification, students will develop a project of 80 hours (the final portion of the required 160 hours of community service).  The 80 hours are for the development of project, not for the SETsquared certification, which comes as a result of joint work between YT and SETsquared partner institutions in the UK  (e.g., University of Bath) during the entire course.

Year 5

  • Public and Innovation Policy in Science and Technology

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