Ernesto Medina, Ph.D., Fellow of the American Physics Society

Ernesto Medina, Ph.D., Fellow of the American Physics Society

The Dean of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology was appointed due to his contributions to the field.

September 25, 2018

Ernesto Medina, PhD., Dean of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnlogy, was elected Fellow of the American Physics Society. This fellowship is an honorific distinction that demonstrates the recognition of an academic by their colleagues. In Dr. Medina’s case, his fellowship was granted thanks to a nomination by the Forum on International Physics. He was nominated due to his contributions to the physics of quantum transport in disordered media and active spin.

The American Physics Society is the second largest Physics association in the world. It is a non-profit organization that works towards the dissemination of physics through magazines and scientific meetings, education, community liaison and international activities. It has over 55,000 members worldwide.

In order to be elected fellow of the APS, you must be an active member of the organization. Likewise, a fellow is elected when they have made exceptional contributions to research or to the application of Physics, when they have demonstrated leadership and service skills, or when they have carried out activities to benefit education in the field.

Dr. Medinas distinctions include the prestigious POLAR prize by the POLAR Foundation, the most prestigious Science award in Venezuela, Order Jose Maria Vargas from the Universidad Central de Venezuela,  National Science Prize for best article in the Sciences 2003, Associate Member ICTP-SAIFR and Fulbright  Fellow  2015.



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