First ReGG anual reunion

First ReGG anual reunion

With this event we intend to link the different research areas that develop research projects based on genetics and genomics. The dissemination of the methodology used by each participating group in phytogenetics, zoogenetics, microbiology, genetics and human genomics, or epigenomics will allow not only to share information, but to have feedback that can generate new protocols for the operation of each laboratory.

On the other hand, the lecturers will have vast national experience and will share their knowledge with the participating scientific community. Likewise, the interaction among the staff can be helpful due to the information shared, as it can lead to greater success in the protocols and procedures that are handled in the field of genetics and genomics.

The event will include the participation of two international speakers who will open and close the event. Independent researchers, along with members of research networks in Ecuador like REDU, CEDIA, SENESCYT, etc., and undergraduate and graduate students, can take part in the event.

The speakers can contribute with their knowledge to the generation of new methodologies for the identification and access of genetic and genomic resources, making the most of Ecuador’s biodiversity in a sustainable manner. In addition, there will be an environment for the exchange of ideas to share scientific and technological advances in the field of genetics and genomics.


Yachay Tech, as part of its outreach and social strategies, contributes to the development of the educational communities located in the City of Knowledge, specifically working with the Technological Institute […]

Yachay Tech, as part of its commitment to work together with the community and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the San Miguel de Urcuquí Canton, has created a training program for the citizens with the aim of training them with the competences to access quality higher education.