Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock visited Yachay Tech University

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock visited Yachay Tech University

The objective of the visit was to establish collaborative relationships in specific projects.

On March 13, 2018, a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, led by the Vice-minister Dr. Mariuxi Gómez, the Zonal Coordinator of the same institution, Gissela Moncayo, and the Provincial Director of Imbabura, Diego Pereira, visited Yachay Tech University. The guests had a meeting with Dr. Eduardo Ludeña, Rector of the University, Dr. Patricio Ponce, Chancellor, and Dr. Paul Arellano, Dean of the School of Geological Sciences and Engineering. The objective of the meeting was to establish the ways in which the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock can collaborate with Yachay Tech University to improve the conditions of national agricultural production.

The initial step will be to carry out a framework agreement that will be signed between the two institutions in the near future to start specific collaboration projects from this document. However, both parties established their specific collaboration interests and the national problems to be addressed. The collaboration is planned for topics related to pest detection and control, evaluation of soil conditions and land leveling, resource optimization and technification of agricultural production and evaluation of the effects of climate change on national production.

Finally, both institutions reaffirmed their intention to collaborate in the future by addressing more research areas in favor of agricultural and livestock producers in the country.


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