Yachay Tech students receive scholarship to South Korea

Yachay Tech students receive scholarship to South Korea

Pablo Contreras and Cynthia Arias, Physics majors, will do an internship at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.

On June 22, 2018, Pablo Contreras, eighth semester student of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology, and Cynthia Arias, seventh semester student of the same School, will begin an internship at one of the laboratories of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). Both students applied to the international internship program of the University. The program is open to students worldwide and seeks to introduce students into an intensive first-line research experience. The internship includes working at one of the more than 100 research laboratories of the Institute so they can develop a research project under the supervision of the Laboratory Director. By the end of their internship students are expected to present their work in the form of a poster session or a paper.

Both students learned about the scholarship through the International Cooperation and Academic Exchange Coordination of Yachay Tech University. In order to win, Pablo and Cynthia had to submit their grades, a short description of their experience in research projects, a motivation letter and a study plan to be applied in the country in the future. Now that they have been accepted, they will begin an eight week program that will also give them the opportunity to learn Korean and take special seminars on scientific research in general.

For Pablo, what motivated him to apply to the program was the number of high technology laboratories at GIST and the opportunity that this will represent to put into practice all the theoretical knowledge he has gained at the University. He will be working at the Particle Physics Laboratory during his summer internship. Although Cynthia had the same motivation, high energy physics is what caught her attention the most. She will be working at the Attosecond Laboratory, where she will be able to study the dynamics of electrons with an accuracy of 10-18 seconds.


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