Yachay Tech students conduct research in Chile

Yachay Tech students conduct research in Chile

Lorena Layana and Raúl Hidalgo, from the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology, received a scholarship for internships at Universidad de Chile.

Raúl Hidalgo and Lorena Layana, students from the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology of Yachay Tech University, began a summer internship at Universidad de Chile, with the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The internship will go from January 3 to January 29, 2019. Raúl received a scholarship that will cover all his expenses during the internship, while Lorena received a partial scholarship. Each student will develop a research project in collaboration with a research group and under the supervision of a professor from the School.

Raúl Hidalgo, from Portoviejo, is a seventh-semester student who will work on a project called “Calculations of the Wannier Center in Topological Materials”, under the supervision of Professor Francisco Muñoz, Ph.D. He will have access to the laboratories that Dr. Muñoz’s research group uses for this project.

Lorena Layana, from Guayaquil, will work on a project called “From Nanoislands to Nanowires: Silver growth on graphite surfaces”. The ninth-semester student will be supervised by Professor Marco Flores and his research group. She will work in the Surfaces and Nanomaterials laboratory at Universidad de Chile.

On January 29, at the end of the internships, there will be a poster session where the students will present the research they have done during the summer. In order to enter the selection process, both students had to present a motivation letter and their resume. Forty two students were selected for this program to work on 22 different research projects. Lorena and Raúl were the only students selected for their very own projects.


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