Water-Y in ExpoTic Fair

Water-Y in ExpoTic Fair

Five Yachay Tech Students presented their water condenser at ExpoTic Fair (Quito) and the Science and Entrepreneurship Week Fair (Riobamba)

On June 7th, 2017, the team of Yachay Tech students behind the creation of Water-Y, joined ExpoTic, the most important fair for the IT Business sector of Ecuador, which took place at the Swisshotel in Quito. Water Y basically obtains water from the air through a condensation process. Its main objective is to provide victims in natural emergencies with a simple, clean, cheap and safe way to obtain water.

Water-Y was created by 5 Yachay Tech students during their General Leveling process. Domenica Garzon, Maylin Romero, Ivan Gootman, Ariel Huera and Yanara Álvarez worked on an engineering device destined to obtain and purify water through condensation. This means that when Water-Y is turned on and exposed to air, it will produce water in a couple of hours. The objective of the device is to help victims in emergency situations by giving them the opportunity to obtain purified water when, in many cases, it is impossible to find.

This year, ExpoTic bets on innovative spaces and activities, such as startup contests, specialized stands for universities and small planned meetings between buyers and sellers to develop concrete proposals to improve productivity in the private and public sectors. Inside these parameters, Water-Y presented their prototype and explained their methods and functions.

Also this week, the team presented Water-Y at the Science and Entrepreneurship Week Fair, organized by the local government of Riobamba. At this event, the team presented their project with the idea of obtaining funds to conclude the research and prototyping process behind the commercialization of their device.


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