Yachay Tech Important budgetary actions for 2019

Yachay Tech Important budgetary actions for 2019

The Ministry of Economy and Finance informed the Board of Trustees of Yachay Tech about the budget allocated for the University. The amount is USD 15,459,661.18, which means a 20% reduction compared to the 2018 budget.

The members of the Board of Trustees expressed their concern about the implications of this reduction and called for the implementation of austerity and self-management actions. In this sense, Eduardo V. Ludeña, Ph.D. is working on mitigating the effects of the budget cuts.

First, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has been informed about the importance of returning the amount reduced. This request was based on the effective management of the 2018 budget (96% of the budget was used). We have also approached strategic allies in Imbabura and the rest of the country, so they can be aware of the current challenges and support the efforts made by the University.

Second, we have analyzed actions that can allow us to generate our own income, including master’s degrees in research.

Third, we continue working on establishing bilateral collaboration mechanisms with national and international institutions for research projects and academic exchanges. In this regard, we have begun a coordination process with the International Affairs Commission of the National Assembly to expand the range of international collaboration of our institution.


Yachay Tech, as part of its outreach and social strategies, contributes to the development of the educational communities located in the City of Knowledge, specifically working with the Technological Institute […]

Camp for scientific children who dare to dream

PLAY, DREAM AND INVENT is a project created for the promotion of scientific vocation with children of the public schools bordering the campus.

Yachay Tech, as part of its commitment to work together with the community and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the San Miguel de Urcuquí Canton, has created a training program for the citizens with the aim of training them with the competences to access quality higher education.