Si Amar Dahoumane, Ph.D.


Dr. Si Amar Dahoumane earned his Ph.D. from Paris-Diderot Univ. (France, 2010) on implementing the feasibility of gold colloid biosynthesis using living cultures of several species of microalgae. Besides, he studied the toxic effects of lab-made nanoparticles on the same photosynthetic organisms. During his M.Sc., Si Amar achieved the electroless functionalization of nanodiamonds via the combining of diazonium and polymer chemistry.
As a post-doctoral researcher at McMaster Univ. (Canada), Si Amar worked on the design of high-density living biohybrid micro-arrays and on the scalable production of portable, shelf-storable 96-well plate assays, each of which made of bacteria immobilized within silica-derived materials. He also demonstrated the ability of living microalgae to stoichiochemically control the composition of cell-made bimetallic alloy colloids.
Currently, Si Amar shares research projects with Dr. Clayton Jeffryes (Lamar Univ., USA) and with Dr. Mourad Mechouet (Mouloud Mammeri Univ., Algeria).

Research interests
Green routes for the synthesis, functionalization and bio-applications of nanomaterials.
Synthesis and implementation of nanomaterials.
Diazonium and polymer chemistry
Sol-gel process
Design of biosensors
Bioremediation & ecotoxicity

Selected Publications
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