Celine Mandon, Ph.D.

Short Bio

Celine Mandon is a volcanologist and lecturer at Yachay Tech. Her expertise is in the field of fluid and rock geochemistry. She is interested in volcanic degassing, from the degassing processes at depth to interactions with ground and surface water and the risk volcanic emanations pose to populations. Before coming to Yachay, she did her PhD at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, studying the volatile transport of metals in the active magmatic-hydrothermal system of White Island.

Research interests

Volcanic fluids
Degassing processes
Volatile transport of metals
Monitoring volcanic activity

Selected Publication

  • Mandon, C.L., Christenson, B.W., Schipper, C.I., Seward, T.M., Garaebiti, E., 2019. Metal transport in volcanic plumes: A case study at White Island and Yasur volcanoes. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 369: 155-171
  • Schipper CI, Mandon C, Maksimenko A, Castro JM, Conway CE, Hauer P, Kirilova M, Kilgour G (2017) Vapour-phase cristobalite as a durable indicator of magmatic pore structure and halogen degassing: An example from White Island (New Zealand). Bull Volcanol 79:74