Joaquin Brito, Ph.D.

Short Bio

Dr. Brito has a career of about 40 years in activities related to scientific research and teaching. The new Chancellor of the University has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC, in Spanish). Before coming to the University, he served as Principal Investigator in the same Institution.

Dr. Brito has made more than 200 publications, has participated in 479 communications to congresses and has supervised more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students, interns and research collaborators. In addition, he has conducted scientific research in Venezuela and the United States. At IVIC he has worked as a professor of postgraduate courses and as coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Chemistry. He also founded and directed the Laboratory of Synthesis and Characterization of New Materials, and directed the Surface Physicochemical Laboratory and was head of the Chemistry Center, in the same Institution. He has been Editor in Chief of the Journal of the Venezuelan Society of Catalysis, president of the Scientific Committee of the XVIII Iberoamerican Catalysis Symposium and president of the Venezuelan Catalysis Society.

His research is focused on the use of catalysts for oil purification. In this sense, he has worked with non-conventional catalysts developed through nanotechnology, different from those used in the oil industry nowadays.