Julio C. Chacón Torres, Ph.D.


Julio Chacon obtained his B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico in 2008. He enrolled the graduated program of Applied Sciences at the Institute of Science and Technology of San Luis Potosi in Mexico and further moved to Vienna in 2010 where he conducted his PhD within a French-Austrian Cooperation program. During his PhD he was funded by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) and the OEAD  Amadeus Program. He graduated in November 2013 with a thesis entitled: “Theory and Spectroscopy on functionalized graphene and GICs”.

In May 2014 he was awarded a DRS Posdoctoral Fellowship at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, and spent two years and a half in Berlin working on a project related to in-situ graphene and carbon nanotubes doping and characterization under inert and high-vacuum conditions.

Recently (in September 2016) Julio joined Yachay Tech as an Assistant Professor where he was also the heard of Nanotechnology in the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology until 2019. Currently, Julio works as professor of Nanotechnology at Yachay Tech University.



Julio has currently a set of (14) Peer review publications: (1) Nature Comm. (1) JACS (1) Appl. Phys. Lett. (1) ACS Nano (1) Carbon (1) Angew. Chem. (1) Phys. Rev. B (1) Scientific reports (6) Phys. Status Solidi B with 325 citations and h-index: 9 (Google scholar)

  1. Precise determination of graphene functionalization by in situ Raman spectroscopy

By: Vecera, Philipp; Chacon-Torres, Julio C.; Pichler, Thomas; et al.

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 8 Article Number: 15192 Published: MAY 8 2017

  1. Exploring the Formation of Black Phosphorus Intercalation Compounds with Alkali Metals

By: G Abellán, C Neiss, V Lloret, S Wild, JC Chacón-Torres, K Werbach; et al.

ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL EDITION Volume: 56(48) Pages 15267-15273 Published: OCT 2017

  1. Potassium intercalated multiwalled carbon nanotubes

By: Chacon-Torres, J. C.; Dzsaber, S.; Vega-Diaz, S. M.; et al.

CARBON Volume: 105 Pages: 90-95 Published: AUG 2016

  1. Understanding the Electron-Doping Mechanism in Potassium-Intercalated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

By: Claudia Kröckel, María Rosa Preciado-Rivas, Victor Alexander Torres-Sánchez, Duncan John Mowbray, Stephanie Reich, Frank Hauke, Julio C Chacón-Torres (corresponding author), Andreas Hirsch.

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 142(5) Pages: 2327-2337 Published: JAN 2020

  1. Manifestation of Charged and Strained Graphene Layers in the Raman Response of Graphite Intercalation Compounds

By: Chacon-Torres, Julio C.; Wirtz, Ludger; Pichler, Thomas

ACS NANO Volume: 7 Issue: 10 Pages: 9249-9259 Published: OCT 2013



His research interests lie in the development of novel functional nanomaterials to explain supramolecular interactions at the nanoscale by means of optical characterization techniques.

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Optimized and scalable synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for RNA extraction in response to developing countries' needs in the detection and control of SARS-CoV-2




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