Student Welfare Services

Student Welfare Services


The Student Welfare Coordination carries out activities related to gender, drug use prevention, academic and psychological support, interculturality, sexual and reproductive health, inclusion and disabilities, infrastructure, nutrition, among others. So, students can access services and programs that support and complement their comprehensive education.


The Psychology unit promotes mental health with a focus on rights.

The Psychology unit offers its services to the student community of the University. Since last semester, the challenge has been to work from mental health and not from the illness, taking as reference the concept of the World Health Organization (WHO) that defines mental health as: “A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” To accompany this process, we also seek to generate programs for working in prevention and promotion of mental health within the campus with a focus on rights.

In this unit, the work axes of interculturality, prevention of alcohol and drug consumption, and gender are implemented through its 2018 action plans.


The Yachay Tech Medical Center is aimed at students of the university. This unit works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is mainly focused on providing medical care services to students who require it. If more complex care is required, they transfer the student to the National Public Health Network.

The Medical Center provides health services: promotion, prevention, reduction of damage to health and behavioral risks, diagnosis, and treatment, guaranteeing quality care that seeks to protect and maintain physical, mental and social health within the Yachay Tech University community.


The Social Work unit manages the integration or participation of students in society in one or more of these social-relational and economic fields, through the analysis of their socio-economic situation for the allocation of scholarships for disability, financial hardships, academic excellence or high sports performance.

The Regulation on Scholarships, Financial Aid and Incentives for Yachay Tech University students (approved on February 26, 2017, and amended on March 27, 2017) remains in effect.


We want to promote a community and inclusive environment in life on campus and in our houses, where students can experience an appropriate environment with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The Community Life Promotion unit works to help students have the best experience of living on campus. We are responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations of the University, promoting activities for a good coexistence, and coordinating attention in risk situations.

Coexistence Unit

We promote a culture of good university environment, as well as the proper use of spare time, motivating the creation of permanent healthy bonds between the university community and society. We have processes to promote a harmonious coexistence through conflict resolution programs, such as mediations and conciliation processes in the houses (these are voluntary and confidential), assemblies, workshops, meetings, field trips, among others. These allow to improve the experience of living on campus. Likewise, we promote a harmonious coexistence by accompanying the activities carried out by the different clubs, groups, and student brigades.

Housing Administration

We manage the distribution, allocation, arrival – departure processes, stay, and changes of housing while taking into account aspects like quality of life, security, environment, capacity, service demand, and space available per person, all this with the intent of generating a proper coexistence among university campus residents. We coordinate these processes with our housing service provider (Yachay EP) to prepare lease agreements and to solve any problems regarding maintenance and infrastructure.

We plan and execute actions to prevent, prepare and respond to possible adverse events that may affect houses and their occupants, through the creation of programs aimed at strengthening response capacities and reducing the impact of these adverse events.


The Cultural Activation unit promotes and stimulates different workshops, laboratories, and artistic practices clubs that provide the student community with spaces for collective and formative learning through creative, reflective, affective and symbolic expressions. This, with the pupose of consolidating an active platform of participation, dialogue, exchange, and shared reflexivity through the diverse expressions of art and culture. The cultural clubs include the plastic arts club, photography club, dance club, and the film club.


The sports unit aims to stimulate the practice of recreational, competitive, and sports activities and the proper use of spare time, within the framework of a comprehensive development of students and the university community. Different clubs have been created such as soccer, basketball, ecua-volley, cycling, ping pong, tennis, bodybuilding, and beach volleyball, among other activities. All of these clubs strengthen the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of students and their integration into the internal and external environment of the university.