Ernesto Bastardo, Ph.D.


Ernesto Bastardo González was born in Cumaná, Venezuela, and obtained his degree in
Chemistry from Universidad de Oriente, with the academic distinction of Cum Laude.
Later he won two scholarships (Cambridge Overseas Trust and Overseas Research
Student) and moved to Cambridge University, where he was awarded with a PhD title
working under the supervision of Professor Bill Jones. During his time at Cambridge he
gained experience in the synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties of different
molecular sieves, micro and mesoporous types. After getting back to Venezuela he
worked as a lecturer in physical chemistry, and his research included synthesis of
molecular sieves for acidic and redox catalysis, and also the design of catalysts for
reactions in hydrotreatment, where he has several publications. He was a constant
invited researcher in Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) and Central
University of Venezuela (UCV). Nowadays, he is a lecturer in Yachay Tech, where
teaches courses of Catalysis and Petrochemical Processes.


Synthesis amd characterization of catalysts for hydrotreatment (hydrodesulfurization
and hydrodenitrogentation) reactions, also the design of solids for the removal of heavy
metal ions from aquous solution.

Selected publications:

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  • Bastardo-González, E., Mokaya, R. y Jones, W. (2001). Super-Microporous
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  • Bastardo-González, E., Jones, W., Bahranowski, K., Labanowska, M. y
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  • Bastardo-González, E., Mokaya, R y Jones, W. (2002). Synthesis and
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  • Franklin J. Méndez, Ernesto Bastardo-González, Paulino Betancourt, Luis Paiva
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