Yachay Tech Project

The place where I am

The window to see Ecuador from another perspective

I love being part of the first university in Ecuador that develops in a truly international environment and represents the first center of interdisciplinary activities in the fields of scientific research and engineering.

It is ideal to be part of the heart of the City of Knowledge, where research, learning and technology are valued and receive true support.

What Happens Within This Place

A change of the reality of a country that has it all

I love knowing that my mentors want me to be a professional of excellence and I like even more that they do it through innovative teaching and research.

It is wonderful to know that I will be one of those professionals who will contribute to Ecuador’s technology, economy, entrepreneurship, culture and future; We will be those people who know how to take advantage of our potential and take our country very far.

People who make things happen

The best academics to make it happen

I am proud that the researchers, academics and faculty from which I learn day to day, come from all over the world. In addition to being Ph.D.´s, they are brave, challenging and visionary human beings, who bet and believe in our country; They are people with the power to transform innovative ideas into new realities. They know how to achieve it, I know they have been in places where success is part of their day to day and today, they are in this project, our Project Yachay Tech.

These are the dreams of YACHAY TECH

The dreams pursued by the Yachay Project

I am deeply confident that this project will make us students who think differently; Minds that have the ability to develop new ideas and make them happen.

I believe in our mentors, we know that they are part of the group of the best academics available around the world and we place our trust in them and their ability to convey the spirit of research, creativity and innovation.

I will work day by day to be the new generation of Ecuadorians who begin to change the reality of our industries and develop the technologies of Ecuador.

Finally, I have faith that we will be able to turn Ecuador into a technology-exporting country, as a reference for the region in research, in a prestigious corner of the world where the most brilliant minds of the planet will be found and, of course, we will be a sustainable nation, dependent on ideas and no longer dependent on non-renewable resources.

  • The place where I am
  • People who make things happen
  • These are the dreams of YACHAY TECH