Los métodos geofísicos permiten interpretar la naturaleza y la morfología de las unidades geológicas del subsuelo utilizando los parámetros físicos (conductividad eléctrica, densidad, grado de compactación, paleomagnetísmo…) registrados en superficie.

Below the seabed, Ecuador’s territory is tectonically unique, including oceanic diffusion centers, oceanic fracture zones, mantle-derived volcanic hot spots, anti-seismic ridges, and subduction zones. An important aspect of our basic research will be to obtain detailed information on marine geology, geophysical and geochemical studies of the seabed in Ecuadorian territory. More applied research will be done on the impact of climate change on coastal communities. Marine productivity is of great economic importance for Ecuador and will be focused on studies of physical coupled / biological oceanography of the coastal upwelling area. One of the largest initiatives of our school will be to establish the Yachay Tech Marine Science Center, which will probably be located in Manta.

Mineral resources provide a potential and nearly unexploited area of growth for the Ecuadorian economy. We are going to work together with INIGEMM in the exploration of mineral resources. At the same time, we will be aware of potential conflicts of interest between the development of mineral resources and other social, economic and environmental interests. We will conduct a basic research on geochemistry of fluids of mineral formation and the geological conditions that produce a natural benefit of mineral deposit.


Natural climate/hydrology changes and anthropogenic climate change are important issues for Ecuador and the rest of the world. As a country that produces and exports fossil fuels, we have to be leaders in renewable energy, sustainable planning and infrastructure and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Monitoring, understanding of regional and global climate, climate change and the development of strategies to mitigate climate change are part of our role in the leadership through the Andean Network of Sustainable Development located at our school.

Basic scientific studies of the depths under the earth surface and an application to a bigger oil, gas and mineral production of economic relevance. Applied studies of individual oil fields in cooperation with the oil industry will be connected with more basic research in topics like geophysics, seismology of reflection, the flow of fluids in porous and fractured rocks, hydrothermal geochemistry, sedimentary, diagenesis, and biostratigraphy.

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