English Language Program

English as our official Language

Yachay Tech, being an international university, focused on research, innovation and technology transfer, has designated English as the official language of the institution. In order to attract human talent from a wide variety of countries and diverse ethnic backgrounds,it is important to acknowledge that the world community has chosen English as the official language of science, technology and business.

At the same time Spanish is also the official language, since it is an institution in Ecuador, thus ensuring the integration of its members into Ecuadorian society.

Specifically, English will be the primary language for:

  • Teaching of all subjects from the fifth semester.
  • Teaching and research, both Master and PhD.
  • Of all external communications with the exception of communications with the Ecuadorian government
  • Of all graduation ceremonies, public and official events and academic conferences.

Spanish will be the main language for:

  • Teaching the first two years of studies.
  • Of all external communications with governments, Ecuadorian State institutions and agencies, as well as cities and municipalities.


The Yachay Tech Language Center is a unit under the Chancellery Office, which offers high-quality teaching-learning processes of foreign and ancestral languages, conducts research related to language learning and teaching, and establishes links with the community through the services it offers. It also promotes cultural and academic spaces that sensitize the university community to diversity and cultural identity, both in the local and international context.

Vision Statement

 The vision of the Yachay Tech Language Center is to provide students the opportunity to develop language and cultural competence for success at Yachay Tech and for success in their future professional careers, as well as provide English courses and professional development opportunities for faculty, and staff.  Our goal is to deliver high-quality curriculum that facilitates student journeys toward English acquisition so they can help Yachay Tech meet its vision and mission of becoming a leading global research university. To accomplish this goal the Yachay Tech Language Center relies on the expertise and research of its faculty members, as well as on student feedback and teacher observation data for ongoing refinement of the English program and pedagogy. Yachay Tech has a strong commitment to fostering academic excellence and enriching lives by using English as a tool for unity and collaboration. In addition, the Yachay Language Center is dedicated to promoting an international perspective in order to bring multicultural appreciation. Likewise, we are committed to providing Ecuadorian English teachers with excellent professional development opportunities in terms of both English proficiency development and teacher training. We strive to offer high-quality curricula and instruction of other languages like French, German, Spanish as a foreign language, and Quichua. The Yachay Tech Language Center seeks to become the best language center in Ecuador in the long run

Yachay Tech has a strong commitment to foster academic excellence and enrich lives by using English as a tool for unity and collaboration. Likewise, the ELP is dedicated to fostering an international perspective in order to bring multicultural perspectives and appreciation.


The Yachay Tech Language Center serves students enrolled at Yachay Tech University as well as the general community. As stated in our mission and vision, our main goal is assuring that Yachay Tech students receive the highest quality English language instruction. It is also part of our mission to offer instruction in other languages such as German, French, Spanish, and Quichua.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide high-quality English instruction to enable Yachay Tech students to meet their educational, professional, and/or personal goals.
  • Advance Yachay Tech’s reputation by being the best English program in Ecuador.
  • Advance Yachay Tech’s international reputation by equipping students with skills necessary to function and share their knowledge in English speaking environments.
  • Encourage our faculty to participate in professional development opportunities to share and learn about current English teaching and learning practices.
  • Encourage our faculty to conduct research related to English learning and teaching to contribute to and further knowledge about the field.
  • Provide advanced linguistic, cultural, and pedagogical training for in-service English teachers.

English Language Program

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