School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology

The School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology focuses on the development of two departments (Physics and Nanotechnology) that cover fundamental and applied research shaping focused key research areas. This provides a highly competitive and international profile to programs we are able to offer at undergraduate levels. Our projected graduate program allows us to focus on specific problems that urge to be solved at national level but also represent the venue to generate scientific highlights. At national level, we look strong collaborations with established institutions to generate and lead interdisciplinary projects.

Department of Physics

It focuses on core issues of fundamental physics covers disciplines from a theoretical and applied points of view. The applied area will provide a place for the subjects of experimental physics, science and material engineering, nanobiotechnology and various disciplines associated with topics of use and energy efficient, among others.

Department of Nanotechnology

It focuses on three areas: nanobiotechnology, new materials engineering science and manufacture of devices for nanoelectronics applications. It will have a strong guidance toward the compression of the fundamental phenomena to nano scale.

These set of topics are at the forefront of worldwide scientific research and therefore the development of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology is directly connected to development new ideas and methods to generate new products focused into technology transfer to companies. This structure allows the school to align with the objectives of the National Plan of Good Living.

School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology



The equipment will be used for research to develop and create nanodevices.


Henry Pinto, School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology, is part of the NAMUS organization committee.


The visit aims to work in the research laboratories of the Physics Department


Two Yachay Tech students and a professor presented a scientific publication at the  XXI Argentinian Congress of Bioengineering.

“Science, knowledge and curiosity are the basis of the passion for research”.

Jorge Serrano, Ph.D.

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