Yachay Tech strengthens international collaboration ties between Ecuador and Germany in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Yachay Tech strengthens international collaboration ties between Ecuador and Germany in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Julio C. Chacón, PhD., Assistant Professor of Nanotechnology at Yachay Tech University of Ecuador, won a scholarship from the Research Alumni Program 2020-2021 to carry out a research stay at Freie Universität Berlin and tells us about his experience.

Key pieces were defined during this period for the development of joint publications with the Experimental Physics group of Prof. Dr. Stephanie Reich of the Free University of Berlin. At the same time, projects, stays and experiments were planned for the year 2022-2023 to strengthen the lines of research related to the functionalization of carbon nanostructures and two-dimensional materials in cooperation with researchers from FU-Berlin and Yachay Tech.

The importance of the study of carbon materials and two-dimensional materials such as graphene lies in the development of new research technologies in Ecuador. In particular, these materials can be integrated in the development of sensors for the detection of heavy metals in drinking water or for their integration in the study of new materials for batteries and / or renewable energies. The capacity and experience of the Experimental Physics group of Prof. Stephanie Reich; as well as different collaborators from FU-Berlin open the door to tight international cooperation for the fundamental study and development of new nanostructured materials in Ecuador.

Without a doubt, the Alumni Program of the Free University of Berlin will help to give continuity and follow-up to the projects and collaboration ties with postdocs established in different parts of the world. Currently, two Yachay Tech graduates who were also Professor Chacón’s students are doing their master’s in Professor Reich’s group. A total of 4 students and an additional professor have participated in short research stays in this group, which has led to several undergraduate theses and scientific articles. “I am happy to be associated with Prof. Stephanie Reich’s group and that this international collaboration allows for scientific advancement in nanotechnology and materials science in Ecuador, as well as the generation of new talents from young Ecuadorian researchers,” said Chacón.

With these actions, Yachay Tech strengths its research and innovation matters to put them into practice with students in the field of knowledge in university classrooms.


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