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  Climate change and paleoclimate studies Renewable energy sources Environmental impacts of resource extraction Supply chains and sustainable development. Responsible use of resources: water, soil, oil, minerals Environmental monitoring through […]

  Tectonics, earthquakes and faults Volcanic processes Floods and extreme weather events Climate change, sea level variations and coastal processes landslides and landslides Education and reduction of natural risks in […]

  Sedimentology Stratigraphy Mapping and structural analysis Paleontology Analysis of sedimentary basins The foundation of all applied research in geology is a solid understanding of the geological settings, geodynamics, and […]

  Applied geophysics and near-surface characterizations Lithospheric studies Geodynamics Earthquake seismology Geophysics of volcanoes The study and characterization of the subsurface, both shallow and deep, has a wide variety of […]

  Environmental geochemistry Volcanic emissions Aqueous geochemistry Geochemistry of isotopes Geochronology In an environmental context, geochemistry provides the means to understand fluid movement, map contaminants or tracers, and monitor changes […]