Areas of Research

Having the ability to predict processes and make viable analyzes of phenomena, occurring at the cellular and macro level. This also covers the study of the interaction of radiation of any kind and biological systems. This will be carried out with a strong focus on existing biological systems in the country.

To predict and optimize the production of new materials that focus on country-specific needs in different areas of industry.

Neutrino Physics, High-Energy Astrophysics and Multi-Messenger Astronomy.
Nuclear Security and Safeguards systems.
Activities of the group (KM3NeT):
Hardware (calibration) -> Photonics (angular acceptance of light sensors, HV tuning of light sources, and optical background studies) + Positioning Subsystems (digital compasses, acoustic beacons).
Physics -> Expectation to start Blazars and Supernovaes studies.
Activities of the group (nu-Angra):
Activities TBD on reactor power and fissile inventory analysis.

Emphasis on Nuclear physics and Spectroscopy for analysis and on biophysical processes. Medical physics does not exist as a field of research in Ecuador and a team of researchers will be formed within the country for these purposes.

New systemic materials that possess nanostructure but behave like molecules. Its physical properties will be studied with a possible interaction with the industrial processes existing until now to allow an advance in several Ecuadorian industries.

Use as raw material those natural resources that are present in Ecuador, among others.

Given the geographical location of Ecuador, there is enormous potential to make unusual discoveries in this field. Ecuadorians must learn to be proud of the scientific development produced by Ecuadorians. This field will generate a very solid visibility of the country as a strategic source of fundamental research in South America.

Se estudian las propiedades cuánticas fundamentales de la luz y la materia, centrándose principalmente en la espectroscopia cuántica, descripción de estados cuánticos híbridos, sistemas cuánticos abiertos y generación de estados entrelazados. Se exploran las aplicaciones futuras de las computadoras cuánticas junto con los diferentes protocolos de comunicación cuántica, como la teleportación cuántica.

To focus on industrial processes that require new approaches to optimization.

To be applied at the macro level in the heavy machinery industry, as well as new nanoscale technologies.