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  Nanomaterials Biomaterials for medical applications Biomaterials for agricultural applications Biomaterials for soil and water remediation Plants, fungi, animals and bacteria produce biopolymers that can be applied in many contexts […]

  Biomechanics and Orthopedics Telemedicine, Medical Bioinformatics and Clinical Artificial Intelligence. Biosensors Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology Epidemiology COVID-19 investigations Biomaterials for medical use Biomaterials for agricultural applications Biomaterials for soil and […]

  Immunotherapy Pharmacobiology Molecular biology of plants In vitro toxicology Genetics Bioinformatics Cellular and molecular biology, immunotherapy and antibody production, and pharmacobiology, to help create a national industry that discovers […]

  Aquaculture Microalgae and their applications Ecology of marine and lacustrine environments Automation of water quality parameters Bioenergy Marine biology, aquaculture and algae biotechnology. This will be of direct interest […]

  Biodiversity and community structure Biogeography and phylogenetics Conservation biology Identification of sentinel species Evolutionary and functional ecology Ecosystem services (see also School of Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Sciences) Agroecology and […]

  General microbiology Microbial ecology Pathogenicity Bioremediation Development of specific antimicrobial strategies for agriculture and aquaculture, such as biological control approaches for the control of pests and diseases of crops […]