Josue Picho


Josué Picho is a biologist, researcher and environmental consultant. In 2018 he received a bachelor’s degree in biology for the San Francisco of Quito University. Specialized in the applied ecology with more than 4 years of experience in biogeography, geographic information systems (GIS) and applied ecology.


Research Interests

Ecology, biogeography, monitoring, modelling and environmental management, biostatics and geographic information systems (GIS), botanical gardens


Selected Publications:

  • Hearn A, Cárdenas S, Allen H, Zurita L, Gabela-Flores MV, Peñaherrera-Palma CR, Castrejón M, Cruz S, Kelley D, Jeglinski J, Bruno J, Jones J, Naveira-Garabato A, Forryan A, Viteri C, Picho J, Donnelly A, Tudhope A, Wilson M & G Reck G (2022). A Blueprint for Marine Spatial Planning of Ecuador’s Exclusive Economic Zone around the Galápagos Marine Reserve. Universidad San Francisco de Quito / PEW Bertarelli Ocean Legacy, Quito, Ecuador, 361 p.
  • de la Torre, S and Picho-Paucar, J. (2020).  Predation by a slate-colored hawk, Leucopternis schistacea, on juvenile graell’s black mantled tamarins, Leontocebus nigricollis graellsi, Neotropical Primates 26(1).