Scientific instrumentation and applied projects for industry and the community


  • Scientific instrumentation, equipment for education, development of research equipment
  • Applied adaptive projects for the industry and the community
  • Fabrication of a device for condensing water for drip irrigation systems using graphene-coated surfaces.
  • Manufacture of electrodes with nanomaterials for the construction of microbial cells for the generation of electricity.
  • Scientific Instrumentation in physics of matter, equipment for education and reference measurements in laboratories, industrial projects

This line of research aims to build, within the University itself, the necessary equipment in the area of physics to establish competitive lines of research that are unique in the country, region and in the world. The possibility of bringing research results and adapting them to the needs of the industry and the community is at the heart of the Research University’s proposal. The value of this line of research has been shown especially in the context of the Pandemic. Due to the variety of proposals that can arise from within the School, the possibilities are unlimited.