Rector´s Office

Rector´s Office


Hermann Mena, Ph.D.

Rector and Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Rector is the executive leader of the University responsible for establishing and applying the vision of the University. Additionally, he/she serves as the leader in charge of collecting funds and ensuring the financial wellbeing of the university.

The Rector becomes the public image of the university before the world and he/she is responsible for interacting with the highest state authorities, industries and society leaders.

Particularly, the Rector:

  • Is the maximum executive authority of Yachay Tech University and manages all university matters under the authority of the University Council. His/her main focus lies on external matters.
  • Is appointed directly by the Board of Trustees and serves at its discretion.
  • Informs the Board of Trustees about all administrative matters, as well as faculty and students, and recommends important changes to policies and financial strategies.
  • Presides at key functions of the university.