David Andrade


Professional with wide experience in University teaching. I did my undergraduate studies in the field of Physics with a wide range of knowledge in all fields of Physics. I did my postgraduate studies in the field of theoretical Physics with a great command of fundamental Physics. I am a proactive person with excellent management skills in both work and student groups. I consider myself a responsible person and always focused on meeting goals and transmitting my knowledge to the people around me. My enthusiasm to work in teaching has allowed me to develop an ability to transfer my knowledge and increase the capacities of my students.


Research Interests

General Relativity, Gravity, Compact Objects, Stellar Evolution and Early Universe
Supergravity and Branes
Quantum Field Theory


Research Group

Astrophysics and Cosmology Group


Selected Publications

N. Vasquez, A. Baquero, D. Andrade (2015) Alternative temporal classification of
long Gamma Ray Bursts: International Astronomical Union General Assembly, Vol.
D. Andrade, E. D. Lopez (2014). Studies of TEC in Ecuador using Global
Positioning System (GPS) data: Sun and Geosphere Journal, Vol. 9, 37-40.

Academic information

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