David Montenegro


David Montenegro has worked for more than 10 years as a teacher for ESL and EFL programs, working in different language institutes in Quito and in the United States. His native background both in English and in Spanish has made understand the mind of second and foreign language learners alike, addressing their needs and adapting to the contexts they reside in.

He has experience in face to face classroom experience as well as new tendencies of online learning and virtual classes. He is no stranger to education administration. He has been academic coordinator for schools like benedict academy and also a teacher trainer for international schools like Inlingua international.

As far as studies go he has a Master of Arts in English Teaching as a Second Language from one of the world’s most prestigious ELT (English language teaching) programs in the world “The New School of Public Engagement” University of New York.

He has acquired experience from top English experts such as Jeremy Harmer creator of the Engage, Study and Activate learning models and Scott Thornbury one of the founding fathers of Dogme learning methodology in English language teaching.


Research Interests:

Studies of ESP developing specific programs for specific purposes, balancing ESP (English for specific purposes) and CLIL (Content language integrated learning) for different group interests such as business. New online and virtual learning tendencies in the classroom. Second language acquisition knowledge in linguistic and social forms as well as affective filters in student learning of all ages, creating comfortable learning environments in the classroom as well as creating effective teaching philosophies.