Diego Morales, Ph.D.


I am a mathematical engineer working on theoretical approaches for modelling spatio-temporal non-gaussian data. I am particularly interested in working on the theoretical and methodological development of space-time stochastic models for non-Gaussian data. I completed an undergraduate program in mathematical engineering at Escuela Politécnica Nacional in Quito-Ecuador. Then, I worked as a researcher and statistician in public and private companies in Ecuador for a few years. In the beginning of 2022, I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Statistics at the Department of Statistics of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. As a doctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. Mauricio Castro and Prof. Moreno Bevilacqua, I was working on developing novel approaches for modelling spatial and spatio-temporal count data. Additionally, I was part of the Center for the Discovery of Structures in Complex Data MiDas as a researcher doctoral student. Currently, I am a research professor at Yachay Tech University and a visiting researcher at the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz-Germany.


Research Interests

  • Spatial and Space-Time Statistics.
  • Geostatistics.
  • Likelihood approximations.
  • Bayesian and Inference Classical.
  • Stochastic Processes.
  • Statistical Computing.
  • Distribution Theory


Selected Publication

Morales-Navarrete D., Bevilacqua M., Caamaño-Carrillo C. and Castro L. (2022).Modelling Point Referenced Spatial Count Data: A Poisson Process Approach, Journal of the American Statistical Association, DOI: 10.1080/01621459.2022.2140053.

Academic information

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