José Luis Flores


I was born in Quito, Ecuador, I defined myself as developing in agriculture, irrigation, water management, GIS & spatial analyst. Lecturer and field technician with practical experience in agricultural geospatial planning for design and administration of agriculture and irrigation projects with more than 15 years of practice. Also, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) trainer, remote sensing, irrigation, and agricultural development. On the other hand, has worked in public administration for more than 9 years obtaining funding and executing projects. These qualifications have helped to develop excellent analytical, communication, and organizational skills through project management, and achieving results. Education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and a Master’s in Sciences and Systems of Geographic Information.

My work over time has focused on generating sustainable management of water as a primary resource for agriculture, this work has allowed me to create a criterion of conservation and to look for a low impact of human activities in nature, working mainly at basins level and seeing the environment as a whole. I’ve also worked on generating development processes for generating technical agriculture based on the farmer’s practices like introducing irrigation systems, new equipment, and new practices since seed looking to the harvest and selling process. For this reason, my specialization was based on generating geospatial systems that allow the handling of information in an effective way in order to be able to set objectives and make decisions in a more efficient way while rigorously monitoring the evolution of agricultural systems. Now I’m working on the development of rural areas and I’m focused in create the best world for my community.


Research Interests

• Developing in agriculture.

• Irrigation, water management.

• GIS & spatial analysis.