Kevin Rams


Kevin Rams is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He found his way to Ecuador after getting degrees in Classics and Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado. As a CELTA certified teacher, he has taught in English departments for many institutions in Imbabura ranging from universities to elementary schools. In addition, he spent time in the Agricultural Sciences school of the PUCE sede Ibarra where he received a master’s degree in Technologies for Teaching and at Pennsylvania State University as a PhD candidate in horticulture before arriving at Yachay.

Research Interests:

Kevin´s interests in research lie in connecting different fields in a common research goal. At the PUCE sede Ibarra, he was involved in a team that received a patent for an ecological honeybee venom collector, which brought together the Agricultural Science, Computer Science, and the English department. As a PhD candidate, his research was focused on the genetic factors, which affect the aromatic profile of theobroma cacao. As an ESL professor his interest lies in showing the students that English is a tool, similar to a scientific instrument used to gain a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds us.