• Soil management
  • Water systems

Ecuador is identified as a highly productive country with opportunities, but like many other countries in the process of becoming industrialized, it is known that the accelerated growth rate of its imports is greater than that of its exports. This results in what is known in economic terms as an unbalanced productive structure (Diamand M, 1972). For this reason, there is a need for developing countries to diversify their productive activities and the processing of their raw materials, so that in 2030 they don’t put themselves at a disadvantage with other countries in terms of economic and social achievements in the last decade (Unctad and FAO, 2017). It is known that supporting the country’s agricultural sector, promoting the implementation of technologies in production processes, and investing in education are some alternatives that will promote the country’s development in various sectors. Thus, Yachay Tech University, through the Food Agroindustry program (approved in May 2020) and the agricultural land that was recently allocated to it and that will be run by the program, has as a priority to start working on soil preparation and planning of irrigation systems to develop agricultural and livestock activities, which in the very short term would show results of an effective proposed self-management model.