Development and innovation of agro-industrial products and processes


  • Innovation related to the development of new products using local raw material
  • Biotransformation (raw materials and food)
  • Food safety

The development of new products truly is one of the activities that generates the greatest competitiveness at the business and country level. However, it involves a complex interplay of technical and commercial factors. From a technical point of view, the interaction of the ingredients with the food matrix must be considered, for example, to produce a healthier food, or for the use of conservation technologies to obtain a product with a high nutritional value, that is perceived as appetizing and that has a long shelf life. If we talk about the commercial point of view, we must develop products that meet the specific needs of consumers and that are accepted in the market. It is not a simple issue, because each of these aspects depends on the economic situations of the countries, the market segment we are targeting and the market trends that change over time (AINIA, 2016). The purpose of developing this line is to investigate aspects related to different local raw materials and to look for innovative alternatives of industrialization, to avoid production losses and guarantee nutritional value and food safety. In the medium term, we would be promoting the development of micro-enterprises, transferring knowledge and technology to local communities where we can develop different collaborative initiatives.