Packaging and packing technologies


  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Optimization of agro-industrial processes with emphasis on improving productivity in the packaging line
  • Nanotechnology and its relationship with the development of smart packaging

Currently the two main factors that govern the choice of food by the consumer are: that the food is healthy and that it is easy to prepare. In response to these changes, the agri-food industry has developed new technologies for the production and preservation of food that allow the extension of its useful life while guaranteeing its quality and safety. In this context, the new packaging systems are called to play a key role in the marketing of foods with higher quality standards (Centro de Vigilancia Sanitaria Veterinaria, 2007). In addition to this, the field of ​​containers and packaging technologies is constantly evolving due to factors such as globalization, the development of technological advances, innovation in designs and environmental aspects. It is important to mention that the growth rate in this industry is 5% per year, and only in 2016 it represented US $820 billion dollars (Inteligencia de mercados, 2016). In relation to this issue, the regulations of each country and the demands of the market are connected and they are constantly changing according to the development of technologies or the needs of different segments. Current trends in packaging design can be grouped as follows: convenient and smart, environmentally friendly, personalized, flexible/rigid, edible, and functional. At the Latin American level, Peru has made significant progress in this area because in recent years it has invested resources and time to improve, and has managed to satisfy national and international demands. In Ecuador, we have to work in this line to be able to promote the development of containers and packaging, as it will always be important in any logistics chain to maintain products in optimal conditions. This helps the internal transport of products and also enhances the internationalization of local products with exportable potential.