Computer Science is a scientific and engineering discipline with repercussions in all dimensions of contemporary human reality. Our master’s program presents an opportunity for those who are passionate about computational sciences to train as experts in the area with a program that envisions research as the main axis of the learning process. The program has a high-level teaching staff that will accompany the training of future engineers and scientists in the area.

The master’s degree articulates the different levels of learning with investigative skills and teaching based on problem solving. The program prioritizes quality, relevance, access, inclusion, and the need to implement research and innovation as catalysts for progress.

The Master’s Degree in Computer Science (by research) at Yachay Tech University is a response to the need to adopt research as a public policy for the country’s development. This requires greater investment and promotion of research and development (R&D) of computing solutions with a view to the base technologies of the fourth industrial revolution that support the development of digital platforms for health, education, remote work, knowledge transfer, development and digital transformation.

The program prioritizes the culture of scientific research so that its graduates are active entities in the scientific production of the country, thus training a new generation of computer scientists capable of collaborating and developing computational solutions to the needs of the social environment. The program includes a detailed study of the cutting-edge technological trends based on the fourth industrial revolution, as well as the theoretical foundations for research. This includes disciplines such as data science, artificial intelligence, computational and cognitive perception, among others.

The Master in Computer Science (by research) aims to train masters capable of working in scientific-technological laboratories, academia, research centers, science and technology companies, innovation companies, and engineering departments, thus contributing to the scientific and technological development of Ecuador.


Degree awarded: Master of Computer Science

Language of instruction: English

Duration: four (4) semesters
Face-to-face modality

Location: Patrimonial Campus of Yachay Tech University, San Miguel de Urcuquí

Schedule: Modular classes on weekends

Classes start on: October 20

Resolution of the Higher Education Council: RPC-SO-01-No.030-2021

Regulation for the Admission to Postgraduate Programs: RCIFI-S0-011 No. 0320-2021

Coordinator: Erick Cuenca, PhD.
Telephone: (+593) 99 906 5466


Applicants to the Master’s program must meet the following requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree, duly registered by the governing body of higher education public policy according to the admission profile.
  • In the event that the degree was obtained abroad, in order to enroll in the program, the student must submit said degree to the University, duly apostilled or legalized by consular means.
  • Color copy of the citizenship card; passport for foreign students.
  • Language proficiency in English corresponding to at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or its equivalent in TOEFL iBT (>72 points).
  • If the applicant completed their previous studies in a country where English is the native language, it will not be necessary to submit proof of proficiency.
  • A final undergraduate GPA of 7.0 out of 10.0 or “B” or its equivalent.
  • Submit a Research Statement of a maximum of two pages (Times New Roman 12, single-spaced) indicating their research interests and motivation to pursue the master’s degree. The document will be presented in English.
  • Resume indicating training, academic / professional achievements, and title of the undergraduate thesis. The resume must be submitted in English.
  • Two letters of recommendation for graduate school (professional or research skills) (in English).
  • Academic Record / Transcript of the undergraduate program officially translated into English.
  • Passing a knowledge test
  • Interview in English



Enrollment: USD 52,69 (nonrefundable)
Registration: USD 0,00
Tuition: USD 5.269,31


  • Cash / transfer or bank deposit.
  • Certified or cashier’s check.
  • Debit / credit card.
  • Education loan from financial institutions.


The University will provide a maximum of 4 Teaching Assistant positions, which will help selected candidates to partially finance their master’s degree.

In addition, an exceptional student will receive a scholarship of 50% of the cost of the master’s degree.

Candidates may opt for education loans from financial institutions, for which the postgraduate coordination will provide the necessary documents to support their application.


Graduates of the Master in Computer Science (by research) has the following professional skills and abilities:

  • Develops professional and investigative skills in the areas of: Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Advanced Programming, Computer Systems Design, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computational and Cognitive Perception, Computational Science, Theory of Computation.
  • Applies advanced math, science, and engineering fundamentals related to computer science.
  • Designs, implements and evaluates components and systems based on computational resources to meet user needs, based on methodologies accepted and tested worldwide.
  • Identifies, formulates and solves engineering problems related to computing, proposing appropriate solutions to the context.
  • Analyzes the local and global impact of computing on people, organizations and global society.
  • Participates in the design, implementation and testing of integrative projects that bring together various nuclei of knowledge and that are linked to real needs of the environment.
  • Applies theoretical and practical knowledge in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way in carrying out research work with a view to its publication in scientific journals.
  • Develops skills to search, evaluate and analyze scientific information in the area of ​​computer science.
  • Applies methods from the field of knowledge to generate an adequate development of experiments.


Erick Cuenca, PhD.
(+593) 6 299 9500 ext 2630