The object of study of this master’s degree is fundamental physics. Its study will be approached from the notions of quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, statistical mechanics, general relativity, field theory, among others. The program proposes training at an advanced level of professionals capable of carrying out research in the areas of fundamental physics, theoretical or experimental, to bring the master’s area to a competitive level in the university system from the perspective of quality and number of professionals.

The Master’s Degree in Fundamental Physics aims to train highly qualified professionals who create and apply the scientific knowledge gained for the solution of local, national and global socioeconomic problems. These professionals will have a strong component of interdisciplinarity, research, innovation and leadership, which will allow them to raise the level and quality of life of society in the short, medium and long term.


DEGREE AWARDED: Master in Physics with mention in Fundamental Physics


DURATION: four (4) semesters
Face-to-face modality

LOCATION: Patrimonial Campus of Yachay Tech University, San Miguel de Urcuquí

SCHEDULE: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
*Keep in mind that this is a full-time master’s degree that requires the student’s availability every day of the week for autonomous learning and for the development of their research projects.



Mayra Peralta, PhD.

Telephone: (06) 2 999 500 ext 2612


The master’s program will select the applicants autonomously, upon verification of applicants’ profile, strictly obeying the principles of non-discrimination in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador and the Organic Law of Higher Education.

Correspondingly, applications from students in the last semester of their undergraduate programs will be accepted.

Applicants must:

  • Have an undergraduate degree, duly registered by the governing body of higher education public policy according to the admission profile.
  • In the event that the degree was obtained abroad, in order to enroll in the program, the student must submit said degree to the University, duly apostilled or legalized by consular means.
  • Approve the interview with the postgraduate coordination.
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors demonstrating the student’s academic performance.
  • If coming from areas other than Physics/Applied Physics (the syllabus will be assessed), a knowledge test will be administered to assess the candidate’s suitability for the syllabus.
  • Color photocopy of the citizenship card. In the case of foreign applicants, color photocopy of passport, refugee card (valid) and updated study visa.
  • Color photocopy of the undergraduate degree in basic sciences such as Physics, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics and Chemistry and related engineering, duly registered in SENESCYT. For foreign applicants, the degree must be duly apostilled or legalized by consular means.
  • Updated passport size photograph in JPG/PDF format (white background)
  • Language proficiency in English corresponding to at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Signature of the Code of Honor and Ethics of the University.
  • Other admission regulations that apply according to the postgraduate regulations approved by the UITEY.
  • Pass an admission exam in physics:

    This exam will be used to assess the suitability of each candidate to participate in the MSc programme.

    The exam will cover the following topics:

    1. Classical Mechanics: oscillating systems, equations of motion, and Lagrangian formulation.
    2. Electromagnetism: electrostatics, magnetostatics, and electromagnetic waves.
    3. Quantum Mechanics: quantum experiments, solutions to the Schrödinger equation in different potentials, and the hydrogen atom.
    4. Statistical Mechanics: thermodynamic systems and processes, and ensemble theory.



  • Cash / Transfer or bank deposit.
  • Certified or Management Check.
  • Debit / Credit Card.
  • Education loan from financial institutions.


The University will provide a maximum of four (4) teaching assistant positions, which will help selected candidates to partially finance their master’s degree.

In addition, an exceptional student will receive a scholarship of 50% of the cost of the master’s degree.

Candidates may opt for education loans from financial institutions, for which the postgraduate coordination will provide the necessary documents to support their application.


Graduates will be able to understand, apply, and discover the principles, laws, and processes that govern the physical world in the fields of condensed matter, complex systems, gravitation, astrophysics, cosmology, and particle physics. Graduates will master the fundamentals and formalisms of the areas of Condensed Matter, Solid State Physics, Statistical Physics, Classical and Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity and Gravitation. They will learn computational modeling techniques for Astrophysical, Cosmological and low-dimensional systems.
Likewise, they will acquire innovative theoretical and computational approaches to applied and industrial problems to propose new cutting-edge technologies and will be able to execute projects in which physical problems are involved. They will be able to provide advice on both original and adaptation technological development projects. In the same way, they may carry out arbitrations, expertise and technical advice to industries, companies or educational institutions of all kinds or related to the area of physics.
They will be capable of producing quality scientific knowledge with high national and global impact, embodied in publications, conferences, patents, databases and digital tools.
The training received will give them tools to commit to the development of Ecuador and the region, particularly in the generation of knowledge through high-level basic and applied research, which will allow to strengthen the economic and sustainable axis, both of the country and of the South American region.
In summary, graduates of the master’s degree in fundamental physics will have a profile that will allow them to continue their professional career in academia through a PhD or in industry. This master’s degree will provide the student with all the necessary tools to apply competitively to international high-level doctoral programs, such as writing and development of research projects, the opportunity to collaborate in scientific articles of high international level and a good command of English, in addition to the knowledge provided by the courses contained in the program.


Enrollment: USD 59,02 (nonrefundable)
Registration: USD 536,53
Tuition: USD 5.365,33


Mayra Peralta, PhD.

Telephone: (06) 2 999 500 ext 2612