Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees of Yachay Tech is the highest authority of the University and was directly appointed on December 16, 2013 by the President of the Republic of Ecuador for a period of five years. Its function is to implement the University’s founding Philosophy and to safeguard and promote the international vision governing this research-intensive institution. Within Yachay Tech, the board members are responsible for developing policy that is implemented on campus by the Rector and the Chancellor, through broadly based consultative procedures. The board is also ultimately responsible for selecting the University’s Rector and Chancellor and ratifying the hiring of all other Higher University Authorities. It also ratifies all academic appointments, promotions following recommendations by the higher administration and oversees all external Corporate and philanthropic fundraising activities as well as international research and educational agreements.


Yachay Tech University aspires to be a world-class, globally connected and regionally transformative center for research, education. It sits at the heart of the nascent Yachay City of Knowledge, which will be a modern, vibrant metropolis with start-up incubators, R&D facilities and industrial outposts.

The University’s Philosophy, mission and vision as well as its governance and academic structure were designed between late 2012 and 2013 by a group of internationally recognized academics working closely with representatives of Ecuador’s Ministry for Science and Technology (SENESCYT). These members of the design team later became the Founding Academic Members of Yachay Tech’s Board of Trustees.

Yachay Tech, which celebrated its third birthday on November 12 2016, was designed from the onset to be a highly interdisciplinary, research-intensive, institution and to have an internationally recognizable philosophy and governance structure. It has been designed to promote fundamental research, encourage basic learning, and reward academic and research excellence. The University’s strategic position right at the heart of the Yachay City of Knowledge allows, in addition to fundamental research in Science and engineering, the promotion of technology transfer, the stimulation of business innovation and the establishment of knowledge dissemination which aims at addressing pressing societal needs both within Ecuador and Latin America.

Alongside research, as is the case for all selective universities, one of Yachay Tech’s primary products is the development of human talent. It is the creation of a critical mass of a new talented generation of technological leaders, which will enable the establishment of an effective knowledge-based economy in Ecuador and the region. The success of the City of Knowledge is critically dependent on the quality of both the University’s administration and faculty, driving the creation of human talent. To this end, Yachay Tech, which already has the ability to attract the very top students from Ecuador and the Region, also has the ambition and resources to recruit some of the world’s top academic talent from around the world to serve as its administrators and faculty.

Members of the Board

Eduardo Ludeña, Ph.D.

Board Member and YT Rector

Paúl Arellano, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Geological Sciences and Engineering


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