Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees of Yachay Tech is the highest authority of the University and was directly appointed on December 16, 2013 by the President of the Republic of Ecuador for a period of five years. Its function is to implement the University’s founding Philosophy and to safeguard and promote the international vision governing this research-intensive institution. Within Yachay Tech, the board members are responsible for developing policy that is implemented on campus by the Rector and the Chancellor, through broadly based consultative procedures. The board is also ultimately responsible for selecting the University’s Rector and Chancellor and ratifying the hiring of all other Higher University Authorities. It also ratifies all academic appointments, promotions following recommendations by the higher administration and oversees all external Corporate and philanthropic fundraising activities as well as international research and educational agreements.


001 - Yachay Tech: Where ideas are wealth
fecha July 22, 2015
002 - Appointment of Daniel J. Larson as new Rector of Yachay Tech
fecha December 8, 2015
003 -Muisne Earthquake 2016
fecha April 17, 2016
004 - Completion of the audit process of the General Comptroller's Office
fecha June 5, 2016
005 - New Electoral Process for Rector
fecha December 28, 2016
006 - Making a Difference
fecha June 15, 2016
007 - Progress of the Rector's Recruitment Advisory Committee
fecha August 22, 2016
008 -Academic Period 2016-2017
fecha September 9, 2016