Yachay Tech University presented its progress of 2018

Yachay Tech University presented its progress of 2018

Summary of the Accountability Report presented by authorities of the institution.

February 27, 2019

On February 26, 2019, Yachay Tech University presented its Accountability Report from 2018 on campus. Several University authorities presented the achievements of the institutional strategic axes established in the Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021: Teaching, Research, Community Liaison and Technology Transfer, and Efficiency and Institutional Transparency. The event was attended by Lorena Zeggane, Zonal Coordinator of Senescyt, administrative and academic staff, students, and guests from local communities.

Rector Eduardo V. Ludeña, Ph.D., opened the event presenting the general aspects of the University. He emphasized the research purpose of Yachay Tech and the organizational culture of the institution. Additionally, he mentioned that the University currently has 1240 full-time and leveling students, 5 authorities with Ph.Ds., 121 faculty with Ph.Ds., 5 Schools and 10 majors, 55 faculty with Master’s degrees, 5 technicians with Bachelor’s degrees, a total of 350 employees, 16 own classrooms and 9 borrowed classrooms, 12 teaching laboratories and 8 research laboratories.

Then, the Dean of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology, Ernesto Medina, Ph.D., presented the strategic axis concerning Teaching. He stressed the participation of students in research works and this axis’s main achievements during 2018: the first public contest for 64 permanent positions for faculty; ninety national and international events with the participation of university faculty and authorities; thirteen cooperation agreements with national and foreign universities; his appointment as Fellow of the American Physical Society, as well as Andreas Griewank’s, Ph.D., (Dean of the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences) appointment as member of SIAM.  Spiros Agathos, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Biological Sciences and Engineering, was also appointed Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.

Frank Alexis, Ph.D., Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation, presented the progress in the strategic axis concerning Research. During 2018, Yachay Tech started 13 major research projects with USD 1.3 million of funds. The main projects are in the fields of bio-pharmaceuticals and health, with USD 845,000 of funds allocated to 5 projects. In the oil, nanotechnology, and catalysis fields there are two main projects, with USD 82,000 of funds. Likewise, there are two projects in the fields of agroindustry, agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing, with USD 70,000 of funds. In the areas of Information Technology and Environment, Energy and Responsible Mining, two projects were carried out respectively, which obtained funding of USD 40,000 and USD 270,000 in each area. All the projects are aimed at investigating particular issues in Ecuador.

Graciela Salum, Ph.D., faculty and President of the Pre-professional Practices and Community Liaison Committee, presented the axis concerning Community Liaison and Technology Transfer. She highlighted the participation of 62 students in the Inspirathon project and the approval of 69 national and 34 international pre-professional practices. Additionally, she highlighted the signing of 14 agreements and 37 commitment letters, 38% of which were signed with the private sector.

Strategic Planning Coordinator Gabriel Iza and Chancellor Joaquín Brito, Ph.D., presented the last section of the Accountability Report. Iza addressed the axis concerning Institutional Efficiency and Transparency and stated that at the end of 2018 the University had a budget execution of 96%, the highest in its history. Budget execution is an indicator of institutional efficiency. The Chancellor summarized the main achievements of Yachay Tech students during 2018, stressing the 76 students who traveled to 16 countries for their pre-professional practices and internships in 2018.

Eduardo V. Ludeña, Ph.D. closed the event summarizing Yachay Tech University’s aspirations for 2019.

A video of the event is available to the public in our social networks.


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