Yachay Tech and Secretariat of Hydrocarbons sign agreement

Yachay Tech and Secretariat of Hydrocarbons sign agreement

The purpose of the agreement is to determine the hydrocarbon potential of basins in Manabí and Esmeraldas.

On August 22, 2018, representatives of Yachay Tech University and the Secretariat of Hydrocarbons signed a specific agreement for interinstitutional cooperation for the analysis of the hydrocarbon potential of basins in Manabí and Esmeraldas. Angel Taday, Undersecretary of Hydrocarbon Studies and Heritage of the Secretariat abovementioned, and Dr. Eduardo Ludeña, Rector of Yachay Tech, signed the agreement. Through this Agreement the University agreed to provide technical advice to the entity with the final purpose of creating geochemical, geological and geophysical maps of the area. Each one of these maps has the specific purpose of helping determine more accurately the hydrocarbon potential of the area.

Geochemical maps will be used to determine the distribution of source rocks, that is, rocks with organic matter content that are capable of generating hydrocarbons to form oilfields. Geochemical maps will show, in each one of these rocks, their organic matter content and how advanced the generation of hydrocarbons is. Geological maps, on the other hand, will be used to determine the geographical distribution of source rocks, oilfields, and seal rocks, which seal the walls of the oilfield. Lastly, geophysical maps will be good to determine the shape of the structure where oilfields can be found.

Dr. Paul Arellano, Dean of the School of Geological Sciences and Engineering will be the one coordinating the project on the part of Yachay Tech University. In principle, 4 faculty members will be involved in the project as well: Yaniel Vásquez, Ph.D., Emilio Carrillo, Ph.D., and Alejandra Mejía, Ph.D. y Jorge Toro, Ph.D. Throughout the project, reports will be submitted on the viability of oil exploitation in the area, according to each stage of the investigation.

The project will be developed in general stages. First, the Secretariat of Hydrocarbons will do an assessment and compilation of the technical information available. Next, the University team will build a structural model of the basins, based on the information obtained by the Secretariat. Then, the characteristics of the potential oil systems will be determined and, lastly, the details of the deposits will be determined through the obtaining of samples.

The process, which will last a year, is the result of a framework agreement signed on April 17, 2017. In this sense, both institutions hope to continue working together on specific projects in the future. (MCB)


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