Yachay Tech ELP represented on international conference

Yachay Tech ELP represented on international conference

The 5th. International English Language Teachers Conference took place in Piura, Peru.

Dennys Montaño and Cristina Salazar, director and professor at Yachay Tech English Language Program, attended the 5th International English Language Teachers Conference in Piura, Peru. Montaño was one of the keynote speakers, with a seminar about the role of a learning leader to guide their teachers into higher levels of effectiveness. On the other hand, Salazar lead a workshop about the importance of speaking your students native language when teaching English. The conference took place on July 13 and 14, 2018 in the Language Center of Piura University.

The title of the conference was: 21st Century Teachers: Agents of Change and Expanders of Learning Opportunities in Education. The main goals of the gathering was to help teachers and teacher- trainees’ upgrowth and to have discussions on the new  language teaching tendencies. The event was open for english language teachers, researchers, teacher trainers, teacher trainees, publishing houses, keynote speakers, general speakers and policy makers. The conference had two types of presentation: workshops and plenaries.

Dennys presented practical suggestions, tools and strategies to impact teachers and students in a positive way from the position of a leader. The main goal of the talk was to help said leaders to start a dialogue and reflection that can inspire growth among every person involved in a learning process. Cristina, on the other hand,  lead a more specific discussion on how the claim that native english speakers are better teachers is losing legitimacy, as English becomes a globalized language. In this sense, Cristina argues that understanding and speaking the native language of students is becoming much more important, and a general advantage for non-native speaking english language teachers.

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