The Experimental Science Education degree program of Yachay Tech University held the First International Congress on Education, Science, Innovation and Society (CIECIS23). This academic event took place on June 28, 29 and 30, 2023 on the Yachay Tech campus.

CIECIS23 brought together a diverse group of researchers, speakers, and professionals from Colombia and Ecuador with the aim of providing a platform to share and discuss cutting-edge research in all aspects of education, science, innovation, and society.

The Congress was attended by students and faculty from the University of Nariño (UDENAR) of Colombia, the National University of Education (UNAE), the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador – Ibarra Campus (PUCE-SI), the Technical University of the North (UTN), the University of Otavalo, the IKIAM Amazon Regional University, the International University of Ecuador (UIDE), and the 17 de Julio Higher Technological Institute.

“The idea of this Congress has evolved since last year, when we held the first Interuniversity Meeting on Education in collaboration with the University of Nariño. This year, we are pleased to bring together eight collaborating Higher Education Institutions in this event, who have provided valuable support with their research,” said Diego Almeida, Coordinator of the Experimental Sciences Program.

The three-day congress, which was attended by 365 participants, included 12 keynote talks that were given by leading experts on education and innovation issues and 16 presentations by national and international guests. These researchers and speakers provided students and attendees with a valuable opportunity to coordinate and learn about various topics, generating new insights and innovative perspectives.

Andrés Rosales, Rector of Yachay Tech, stated: “The exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge between educational institutions is key to boosting educational quality and promoting the comprehensive development of students. By fostering collaboration between universities, we can enrich academic programs, share best practices, and establish strategic alliances that benefit the university community as a whole.”

The main topics discussed in the Congress focused on STEM education in Ecuador, management of educational innovation, research hotbeds, transversality of environmental education, ICT in education, the artificial intelligence revolution, data analysis, framework for implementation of computer applications, among other topics. In addition, students presented scientific posters, which were graded and awarded according to the evaluation criteria of the Scientific Committee.

Within the framework of the Congress, Yachay Tech University, represented by Dr. Andrés Rosales and the University of Nariño, represented by Dr. Martha Sofía González, respectively, signed a collaboration framework agreement in order to foster collaboration and jointly undertake academic, scientific and cultural activities in areas of common interest.

This initiative reaffirms Yachay Tech’s commitment to internationalization, academic excellence and the promotion of collaboration between Higher Education Institutions to generate a positive impact on academic and scientific development at a local and international level.


Yachay Tech, as part of its outreach and social strategies, contributes to the development of the educational communities located in the City of Knowledge, specifically working with the Technological Institute […]

Yachay Tech, as part of its commitment to work together with the community and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the San Miguel de Urcuquí Canton, has created a training program for the citizens with the aim of training them with the competences to access quality higher education.