Life Sciences gather in Argentina

Life Sciences gather in Argentina

Jürgen Reichardt participated in the Biosciences Meeting as representative of the Human Variome Project

Jürgen Reichardt, Vice-chancellor of research and innovation of the Yachay Tech University, was invited to participate in the Joint Meeting of Biosciences Societies that took place from November 13 to 17, 2017, and in the Dissemination Session held by the Societies on 12 November, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The events were held at the Palais Rouge and the Cultural Center of Science respectively. The meeting was attended by 10 scientific societies of that country, including representatives from international societies. Jürgen Reichardt was invited as a representative of the International Scientific Committee of the Human Variome Project. During the events he was part of a project session with representatives of his Argentinian node and dictated a lecture on the Human Variome.

The Dissemination Session, entitled From Science to Your Health, has the purpose of exposing the research achievements and goals of Argentinian Biosciences Societies in relation to health. This allows the population to know about their own health, and participate in science from the country and the world. Jürgen gave a lecture entitled “I’ll bet you don’t know what the human variome is”. In this conference he explained, with Angela Solano, what is and why is the variome useful, and also the purpose of the Human Variome Project that is to guarantee free access to all genetic information that is discovered, for all countries without any discrimination, for the prevention of diseases.

The joint societies meeting was proposed as an interdisciplinary space with the aim of expanding the scientific horizons in the field of Life Sciences that includes the participation of prestigious international researchers, leading scientists, young researchers, teachers and students. It included the approach of diverse areas such as biology, biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, physiology, including also translational aspects at a clinical level in various pathologies that affect humans, animals and plants. It also included spaces for posters, oral communications and commercial exhibitions.

Jürgen Reichardt participated in two events: a public event for the interested lay public and  a scientific session with different members of the Argentinian node of the Human Variome Project: Manuel Garrido, representative of the Legal Affairs Department and María Viniegra, Oncological Adviser. For more information about the event, you can enter here.


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