Earth as Inspiration

Earth as Inspiration

Faculty and students of the School of Earth Sciences, Energy and Environment met to encourage common core students to study geosciences.

The School of Earth Sciences, Energy and Environment organized the Talks from the Bridge: Earth as Inspiration event to encourage the study of earth sciences. The event had the participation of common core students and was organized by Professor Alejandra Mejía, Ph.D., and some students of the same school. The event included other faculty and Ecuadorian geologists to expand the general knowledge that students have on geology as a professional career.

The event had four main themes: energy and renewable resources, rock and mineral identification, fossils and geological time scale, and the impact of earth sciences in society. While the activities related to geological knowledge were organized in the form of a “gymkhana”, a photographic exhibition was held to show images obtained from field work, laboratory, and different research activities carried out by members of this School to reinforce the fourth main theme of the event.

For Alejandra Mejía, Ph.D., earth sciences are more than just measures, maps, charts, and graphs. The language of geoscience, full of a unique poetics, offers an alternative way of knowledge. “As a geologist you can find inspiration in the context of earth sciences”, she said.


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