How does solar radiation affect your skin?

How does solar radiation affect your skin?

Two Yachay Tech students and a professor presented a scientific publication at the  XXI Argentinian Congress of Bioengineering.

Charlotte Berrezueta and Andrés Guerrero, students of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology of Yachay Tech, traveled together with Fernando Gushque, studen of the School of Biological Sciences and Engineering and Graciela Salum, professor of the school, to participate in the XXI Argentinian Congress of Bioengineering and the X Conference of Clinical Engineering. They presented a scientific publication that was written in collaboration with the Institute of Physics of Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. The congress started on October 25, 2017, and will end on October 27 in Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, and was organized by the Argentinian Society of Bioengineering (SABI in Spanish).

The scientific publication investigates the relations between the solar radiation and the UV range and the biological interactions on human skin in Urcuqui, Ecuador. The research focuses specifically on radiation related to non-melanoma skin cancer and the damage to the DNA cells of the skin. The research was conducted at the Yachay Tech University Campus using tools to measure satellite radiation.

The results of the scientific publication showed spectral solar radiation, which is carcinogenic and harmful for DNA. Therefore, the research proposed a model of analysis that can be useful to establish priorities on preventive health policies in that field. The research can be extended to other fields or, on long-term effects, to a deeper extent.

The School of Natural, Exact, and Physical Sciences, the School of Medical Sciences, and the School of Biomedical Engineering, all from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, were part of the organization of the Congress. Scientific research proposals related to Bioinformatics, Biomaterials and tissue engineering, equipment, biomedical imaging, among other scientific research proposals will be gathered. For more information on the Congress, you can go to their website.


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