Diego Peluffo, Ph.D., from the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, has been keynote speaker at several conferences in the field of computational sciences

Diego Peluffo, Ph.D., faculty member of the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences of Yachay Tech University has been one of the keynote speakers at some computational sciences conferences in Latin America. Between September 18 and 20, 2019, he will be speaking at the Latin American Workshop on Computational Neuroscience (LAWCN), in Brazil. Similarly, between October 16 and 18, 2019, the professor will participate in INCICS 2019, an international congress that takes place at Universidad Técnica del Norte. Additionally, the professor is part of the organization committee of the 6th IEEE Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence LA-CCI.

During LAWCN the Professor will give a talk titled “Kernel-based approaches for time-varying data analysis within unsupervised settings”. The event brings together researchers from different Latin American countries to share results in the area of ​​Computational Neuroscience.  Whereas at the International Congress on Computer Science INCICS 2019, Diego Peluffo’s conference, titled “Intelligent systems for biomedical applications”, will briefly describe the basic aspects of the representation and analysis of biomedical data for the design of systems automatic diagnostic assistance.

The Professor is also part of the organizing committee of the sixth edition of the Latin American Congress of Computational Intelligence of the IEEE. The conference will be held in the city of Guayaquil, between November 1 and 15, 2019. The main goal of the event is to create a high-level international forum for experts in science, research, engineering and education to present the results of his most recent research. In May of this year, he was one of the main speakers at the International Congress on Advances in New Trends and Technologies, held in Quito. This opportunity came as a result of his outstanding research on the subject matter of the conference.

You can find more information about the work of the Professor on his website or on his research group’s website.


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