Panka Inventions is a sustainable Ecuadorian company dedicated to the production and distribution of high-quality products at the service of the mechanical – industrial sector that are generated from highly polluting and dangerous liquid waste. Panka Inventions is a finalist in the Latin America Green Awards, one of the most relevant sustainability festivals in the world that every year rewards and makes visible the 500 best social and environmental projects in Latin America.

The company was born in Urcuquí in 2019 with the project of two young Yachay Tech students: Jhoao Minango (6th semester of Nanotechnology) and Arianna Paredes (6th semester of Theoretical Physics). Later on, they were joined by: Xavier Cóndor (4th semester student of Nanotechnology of Yachay Tech), Darío Cabezas (6th semester student of Information Technology of Yachay Tech), David Cuasapud (graduate of Higher Accounting and Auditing, CPA of UNIANDES), Fernando Sánchez (MSc. In Cleaner Production from the Technical University of Ambato) and Herminia Sanaguano (Dr. in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences from the National University of San Marcos). The company is a finalist in the Waste category, Reusable Products subcategory.

The objective of Panka Inventions is to generate an ecological alternative to fossil fuels, responsible for greenhouse gases, starting from used cooking oil (a highly polluting waste) to produce biodiesel.

Jhoao Minango stated that: “Currently, we manufacture two products from used cooking oil; BIORUST 18-11 and BIOGOOP, which are developed through environmentally responsible processes and in rural areas by women in a state of vulnerability, thus solving the high rate of female unemployment in these areas and the pollution derived from this liquid waste”.

BIORUST 18-11, a product that is already on sale, is a multipurpose lubricating liquid that facilitates mechanical work due to its penetrating properties that loosen metal parts, clean and protect machinery and tools from corrosion, among other benefits.

BIOGOOP, still in the development phase, is a mechanical-industrial soap designed to help mechanics degrease their hands while taking care of their skin thanks to its moisturizing properties. It can also be used on clothes and surfaces, Jhoao said.

The Panka Inventions team has carried out different face-to-face workshops in the Urcuquí area, and has trained 10 women and subsequently virtually instructed 40 women nationwide.

Arianna Paredes said that “The project proposes several benefits for these women, in the short term to involve and educate them on the correct management of this waste and its possibility of recycling in different products for domestic or commercial use; in the long term the plan is to offer jobs within the industry established in the area”.

The virtual election and awarding of the Latin America Green Awards will take place from August 17 to 22, 2021. There are various awards; a winner is chosen from each category (8 in total), which receive recognition endorsed by PwC. Out of those, UNDP chooses the project that is most aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and gives it the opportunity to develop strategic alliances with international investors.

DirecTV together with Latin America Green Awards will produce the documentary “Protagonistas“, as a unique incentive and opportunity to present the projects to the world. Special awards will be given for scalability, popularity, and drive.

Lastly, Panka Inventions seeks to consolidate itself as a leading company in the development of industrial products based on waste management nationwide, promoting the development of the country through the search for new markets and services, betting on the maintenance of sustained growth and the diversification of its products.


Yachay Tech, as part of its outreach and social strategies, contributes to the development of the educational communities located in the City of Knowledge, specifically working with the Technological Institute […]

Yachay Tech, as part of its commitment to work together with the community and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the San Miguel de Urcuquí Canton, has created a training program for the citizens with the aim of training them with the competences to access quality higher education.