A professor from Yachay Tech University received a recognition for his career

A professor from Yachay Tech University received a recognition for his career

Urcuquí, May 16, 2019

Alfredo Viloria, a research professor of the School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at Yachay Tech University, was recognized as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, an institution formed by fifty countries around the world. He receives this recognition as an award to his career as professor and researcher.

Professor Viloria was nominated by Dr. Armand Lattes, president of the French Society of Chemistry, because of their joint work carried out for more than forty years, especially on the technical exchange of doctoral students in Latin American and European countries.

The process to achieve this recognition is defined by a board formed by a selection committee and a board of directors that hold meetings twice a year. They make the decision based on a thorough review of credentials, publications, and career.

Alfredo Viloria joined Yachay Tech on December 1, 2017, and teaches courses such as corrosion and wear of materials, engineering project management, chemical processes, and laboratory practices. As a recognized scientist, he has authored more than twenty international patents in countries such as Germany, France, Russia, China, and Great Britain. He is the author and co-author of five books in the hydrocarbon field and has 190 technical publications in national and international journals and conferences.


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