The Nanophys Day: From Nano to Astrophysics event was held on campus at Yachay Tech University, and was organized by the Association of Physics and Nanotechnology Students as a space that seeks to create a scientific and research environment.

Gema González, PhD., Dean of the School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology (ECFN), stated during her intervention: “It is a great joy and pride for me to inaugurate this event that has been developed with our students. The entire organization and the research papers presented are clearly focused on research topics at Yachay Tech”. She also highlighted the spirit, perseverance and dedication of the students when it comes to making innovations and presenting their results to the scientific community.

González concluded her intervention by stating: “An extremely bright future is in sight at Yachay Tech and I am extremely proud of you. Excellence is the trademark at Yachay Tech. Thank you guys for your great work and perseverance”, and she formally inaugurated the event.

During the day, different investigations developed by students were presented to share information with the attendees and trigger the scientific discussion that characterizes the university community. Thus, the event included presentations and posters of scientific works, as well as visits to the UITEY laboratories.

José Luis Parrales, a Nanophys Day participant, presented his poster “Ecuadorian diatoms as Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for DNA detection”, whose objective was to dope diatoms with silver nanoparticles to increase the detection of the DNA signal by biosensor medium.

Subsequently, scientific workshops focused on Synthesis of nanomaterials and UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Python for symbolic algebra, scientific instrumentation design, among others, were given by professors and experts in these techniques of instrumental analysis, programming and design. The main objective of these workshops is to make students aware of the main uses, procedures and applications in science and research.

In addition to the event, an ECFN Mini Fair was held with the presentation of the different clubs of the School such as the Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics Club, Nanoscience Club YT, Physics and Nanotechnology Student Association, Optical Student Chapter and IEEE Student Chapter CAS, who presented their main experiments to all the attendees.

With these actions, Yachay Tech University demonstrates its commitment to science and technology by creating spaces for the dissemination of research projects and works.


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