First National Symposium on Biomedical Engineering held at Yachay Tech

First National Symposium on Biomedical Engineering held at Yachay Tech

The event was attended by more than 200 participants and was organized by the students of the Biomedical Engineering Club of Yachay Tech.

April 29, 2019

The Biomedical Engineering Club of Yachay Tech University organized the first national symposium on that field. The event was held on April 26, 2019, and was attended by 240 students and faculty from several universities in Ecuador. During the Symposium, two workshops and a poster session were held. Finally, the event laid the foundations for the creation of a National Network of Biomedical and Clinical Engineers.

The event was held at Yachay EP facilities and gathered 200 attendees from universities like Ikiam, UDLA, UTN, EPN, UPS, Universidad de Guayaquil, USFQ, Universidad Técnica de Machala, Yachay Tech, among others. In addition, the Symposium was attended by speakers from Universidad Técnica de Ambato, the Ecuadorian Society of Biotechnology, Biomedicine, and Bioinformatics (SEBIO3 in Spanish), the Ser Fertil Clinic, Hero Foundation, MovilingEC, and Yachay Tech.

Topics related to biomechanics, clinical engineering, nano-biotechnology, genetics, biomedicine, among others, were discussed during the Symposium. Additionally, a poster session explaining the projects carried out by the participating universities was presented. Finally, around 80 of the attendees participated in the workshops on clinical engineering and biomechanics that were held in the event.

The first edition of this symposium, an initiative of Yachay Tech students in collaboration with Ikiam and with SEBIO3, has opened the route for future editions of this seminar.

The event was developed with the support of Yachay Tech University, SEBIO3, and Asopiñanurcuq. The Biomedical Engineering Club (more than 20 students) and Graciela Salum, Ph.D., advisor professor of the club, were in charge of organizing the event. These students will have the possibility of making new editions of the Seminar in collaboration with Ikiam and with SEBIO3. In addition, they were invited to give short seminars at Universidad Técnica de Ambato.


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