Yachay Tech students visited Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Yachay Tech students visited Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

The visit aims to work in the research laboratories of the Physics Department

Sixteen students from Yachay Tech University with Edgar Patiño, PhD, and Luis Corredor, representatives from the School of Physical Sciences and Nanoechnology, traveled to Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá, Colombia. The visit took place within the framework of the program of the nanofabrication laboratory course. It was the experimental phase of the subject carried out in the research laboratories of the Department of Physics located in the Uniandes campus.

All those activities allowed the students to have direct contact with the techniques of micro and nanodevices manufacturing. The students proposed projects that they developed themselves. The main goal of the visit to Universidad de los Andes was to open the scientific creativity of the students, giving them the opportunity to face situations and real experiments in research laboratories.

For the students, this practice represented their first experience on the research area in experimental condensed matter and nanotechnology. The students verified, with their own projects, the bases of the research in this area, mainly related to the nature of the samples that will be manufactured and the techniques necessary to obtain high quality materials.

In the experimental phase of this course, the specific goals were: First, manufacture devices using the techniques taught in the classroom and in the laboratory. Secondly, to characterize the electrical, optical and thermal properties of the devices that they manufactured themselves.

*Note written with the collaboration of Edgar Patiño and Luis Corredor.


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